Playground Fundraiser

Did you know that Cypress Junction Montessori is Winter Haven’s newest, free public school? We are a public K-8 charter school located in downtown Winter Haven in our second year of operation. We are so proud of our students and staff who earned a school grade of “A” in our first year, and we are continuing to work to expand and improve the opportunities for our diverse group of students this year.

A big part of this effort includes the need to provide our students with a playground where they have opportunity for physical activity, to build social skills and to have well-deserved recess time outside the classroom.

However, funding a playground has proven to be an insurmountable challenge to-date. As a new charter school, our access to funding is limited and our first priority has been, and is still, using those resources to focus on creating the best learning environment for our students by developing our staff and furnishing classrooms.

We are excited that, through a federal grant, we have access to $50,000 for the playground development. We need to raise a matching $50,000 by early 2018 to take advantage of these grant funds.

In other words, if we don’t raise the matching $50,000 we will lose the grant funds for the playground project.

We understand that $100,000 can sound like a lot of money for a playground. In order to put this cost into perspective, we compared this to the cost of the equipment alone at Trailhead Park in downtown Winter Haven which was $500,000. The total $100,000 at Cypress Junction Montessori will fully fund the site work, fencing, ground cover, equipment and installation of a multifunctional playground for our 200+ students.

We have many families who express regularly that they love Cypress Junction Montessori, they just wish there was a playground for the students. We hope you will come alongside us and contribute to our playground fund, becoming an important partner in our effort to make this wish come true for our families.

If 50 individuals or companies donate $1,000 each, we will reach our goal! We have also established sponsorship opportunities:

  • Any Contribution – recognition on our website
  • $5,000 – Name included on sign thanking our sponsors, recognition on website
  • $10,000 – Logo included on sign thanking our sponsors, prominent recognition on website
  • $20,000 – Large, dedicated sign with logo or name, prominent recognition on website
  • $50,000 – Naming rights, large sign with logo or name, prominent recognition on website

To participate in this significant enhancement for the students of Cypress Junction Montessori, please make checks out to Cypress Junction Montessori and mail to 220 5th St SW, Winter Haven, FL 33881. Cypress Junction Montessori is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and we have included our tax exempt certificate at the bottom of this page for your records.

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope you enjoy Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

Cypress Junction Montessori Board of Directors, Staff and Students


Cypress Junction Montessori envisions a playground that will include:

  • Nature-inspired climbing and play structures.
  • Two paved areas featuring a four-square court and a half basketball court.
  • An outdoor classroom area for class discussion and socialization.
  • Landscaping made of native Florida plants.


Benefits of outdoor recess and play include:

  • Cognitive / Academic Benefits – Several studies demonstrated that recess, whether performed indoors or outdoors, made children more attentive and more productive in the classroom.
  • Social / Emotional Benefits – Through play at recess, children learn valuable communication skills, including negotiation, cooperation, sharing, and problem solving as well as coping skills, such as perseverance and self-control.
  • Physical Benefits – Although not all children play vigorously at recess, it does provide the opportunity for children to be active in the mode of their choosing and to practice movement and motor skills.  |  220 5 St SW, Winter Haven, FL 33881  |  863 – 259 – 1490

Karen Winningham  Katrina Hill  Tasha Keppler
T. Michael Stavres  Craig Clevenger  Cindy Chilton
Dr. Martha Santiago  Audrey Nettlow  Brandon Richard
Cypress Junction Montessori Founders, Administration and Board of Directors


Tax Exempt Certificate