CJM Families,

Can you believe our very first class of kindergarteners from 2016 are entering middle school at CJM next year? The last six years have been an incredible journey as our students, families, staff, volunteers, and board have grown into a beautiful community. 

As a board, we have been working with Ms. Winningham to find the best structure as we grow over the years. Today, we serve nearly 70 more students than we did our first year, including adding new grade levels. With student body growth, it is important our administration grow to meet the needs of our diverse student population.

It has always been our mission to encourage the development of the whole child by providing a comprehensive Montessori education, and this still remains central to all our decisions. We feel it is time in our journey to restructure our administration to increase the academic-focused leadership and support on our campus. 

In the new school year the administration team will be led by our Head of School / Principal, and we are excited to add an Assistant Principal position. The Head of School will lead CJM’s daily operations, academic direction, and discipline. The Assistant Principal and ESE + LEA Facilitator / Instructional Coach will provide additional leadership, mentorship, student coaching and support for our staff, students and families. 

You’ll see Ms. Winningham’s role evolve to take advantage of her biggest strengths: strategic planning and financial management. I often think back to our early years when we were warned that the top reason charter schools fail in Florida is due to financial mismanagement. Ms. Winningham has guided CJM to a very strong financial, business, compliance, and organizational place; and we are looking forward to seeing all she continues to do to ensure our school continues to thrive on the business and financial side in the years to come. 

We are excited about these new additions to our administrative team and the future of our school. By focusing on everyone’s strengths and expanding our team, we are confident that CJM’s future will continue to be bright. In the coming weeks you’ll see administrative positions posted. Please rest assured this does not mean that people are leaving or being replaced. This process simply means as people move into new roles through the reorganization process we are doing everything we can to ensure the right people are in the right seats. 

Thank you for being a part of our community. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to myself or anyone below. 

Katrina Hill
2022 CJM Search Committee Chair, Board of Directors Member, Co-Founder
katrina@cypressjunction.org | 863-221-2290

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